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[Click to enlarge Agriculture Fair] Friday-Saturday, January 30-31st, 1998. [Click to enlarge Agriculture Fair]

If you went up Coronation Blvd toward the baseball field, you would have seen fields crowded with booths and exhibits, visitors and students, all for the Agriculture and Industrial Exhibit, 1998. This joint effort of the Department of Agriculture and The National Farmers Association was a very appealing, well-organized, educational, entertaining and colourful fair.

It seemed as if every possible domesticated animal in Anguilla was at the fair, as well as booths showing a huge variety of produce.

[Click to enlarge Agriculture Fair] The theme of this year's fair was "Farm Today or Starve Tomorrow."

There were classes attending from many of the schools (I saw the entire 89-pupil roster of West End School), studying the exhibits, trying to figure out how to get a horse ride, identifying unusual fruits and vegetables, listening to the steel band, ... and generally having a good time.

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