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Anguilla News

What can a new visitor expect to find in Anguilla? . . .

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 2004/12/05 - Click to enlarge pictures

Out and About

Everyone has their own impression of Anguilla, but there are some things that everyone notices: the incredible beaches, the friendly people, and the wide range of dining choices. And then there are the negative features: no casinos, no cruise ships, no high-rise hotels or mass market tourism, no "duty free" shops where the same goods can be found cheaper at home at your Walmart.

These pictures were taken last December by a first-time visitor. I am using them to show what you might see if you explore the Anguilla that is beyond the resort boundaries.

The first shot above was taken at Savannah Bay, father and daughter exploring the tidal pools. Notice the long beach with no development and only one person taking a walk. Anguilla has lots of beaches that are like this. The next picture was taken at Sherricks Bay, another Robinson Crusoe beach, looking East toward the back of CoveCastles resort. All beaches in Anguilla are public, so feel free to explore. Of course the resort's lounge chairs and complimentary cold drinks are private.

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The other picture is of a wild vine that flowers, taken in the Katouche Valley. Anguilla is an arid island without much soil and no rivers. Makes the rare volunteer blossom a pleasant surprise.

The cute house below is one of a few old Caribbean houses still standing in Anguilla, but the second picture is more typical. Notice the rebar sticking up from the top of the concrete house. This is left during construction to make it easy to add a second story in the future. These are very common, reflect a basic optimism, and are often actually used to build the second floor.

By the way, you can click any of these pictures to see a much larger version of it.

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Below are three hand-made sailboats at Sandy Ground beach. These are built in each village to enter into the island's fiercely competitive boat races (boat racing is the Anguilla national sport). Most of the races are held after the tourist season is over, culminating in a week of racing during Carnival in August.

The other shot is Gossip and the Boys performing at Gwen's on Shoal Bay beach. Anguilla is a quiet place - on Sunday afternoons you may find live music at Johnnos in Sandy Ground and at several places on Shoal Bay, but don't expect much action during the week. Most of the nightlife is limited to Friday and Saturday, although the Pumphouse may have life music during the week.

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School children in Anguilla wear uniforms, the color indicating which school they attend. Some parents pick their children up at noon and taken them home for lunch, which can cause a traffic jam in The Valley at 12 noon (don't worry, it is over in 5 minutes). But many students eat from the "lunch truck".

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Goats are another frequent sight in Anguilla - and they wander almost anywhere. The last picture is from a choral performance at an Anglican Church. The holiday season is packed with such events - every church has one, and many civic organizations as well. And visitors are always welcome, so don't hold back.

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Story by Bob Green and pictures by Fran Fowler.

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Anguilla Daily Diary

Here is a day-by-day compendium of news items, as we gathered them - starting with the most recent.

November 7, 2004 to December 5, 2004

Saturday, December 04, 2004

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Tropical Construction

Mary Ann's Beachshack site has been updated with pictures and information on garden upgrades and bedroom renovation.
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Altamer Weather Station

Altamer now has an operational weather station, with live weather viewer, webcam views (live and static), 24 hour data on temperature, rainfall, pressure, humidity, heat index (the heat index is like the wind chill but the opposite, a combination of temp and humidity which gives the "feels like" temp), sunset times, and phase of the moon. The equipment is highly accurate, state-of-the-art, and has been tested for accuracy. They will continue to add functionality over time (tidal and sea information as well as historical data for the past 10 to 20 years and query screens, i.e. what time is sunset on April 24th 2005) so any ideas are welcome.
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Happy Holidays from Sur La Plage Villas

"We are in the holiday now for a stay at Sur La Plage Villas in January and receive 25% off our posted rates!! (subject to availability) Our beachfront villas await!" e-mail Phone (264) 497-6598
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Arbron Villa Adds Swimming Pool

This property, which is one of the few beachfront villas in Anguilla, has added a swimming pool for this season.
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Friday, December 03, 2004

Overlook for Christmas and New Years

Complimentary glass of wine or drink. First Course (a choice of):

THICK ANGUILLAN CONCH SOUP, Root Vegetables, Herbs & Spices .
CLASSIC CAESAR, Shaved Reggiano & White Anchovy
PAN-SEARED COD FISHCAKE, Scotch-Bonnet Guacamole & Coconut Essence

Second Course (a choice of):

GARLIC CRUSTED SNAPPER, Caribbean Slaw, Champagne Beurre Blanc, Pink Peppercorns
OVEN CRISPED SPICE DUCK, Chambord Drizzle, Bok Choi & Wild Rice
GRILLED BLACK ANGUS HANGER STEAK, Flambéed Pearl Onions, Porcini in Silky Merlot Pan Jus
FETTUCCINI MARI MONTE , Shrimp and Wild Mushroom in Garlic Cream Sauce

Third Course (a choice of):

Chef’s Key Lime Pie with Rosemary Drizzle
Warm Decadent Chocolate Rhum Cake in Pyrat Rum Sauce
Vanilla Ice Cream
Coffee or tea. Meal Priced @ US$60.00 per person
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Villas on Shoal Bay, Anguilla:
Villa La Vanda and
Villa Mimosa

Holidays at Hibernia

For Christmas, Hibernia offers this special item: Pheasant breast pan grilled & flambéed with Armagnac, Leg (off the bone) baked in banana leaf with Roquefort, Crispy wild rice rolls.

For New Years Eve, they have a special menu:








US$88.00, service charge of 10% will be added
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New Management at Madeariman

The Madeariman Reef restaurant at Shoal Bay has new managers, chef, tables and staff, with a vastly upgraded menu. They still have ribs and pizza, but now they offer lobster salad, creme brulee for desert, fish soup, ... a full line of French Caribbean items.

And they are open for dinner too!

This is a big addition to our little beach. We have eaten there several times and hope they do well.

Location: drive down the main Shoal Bay road to the beach and look left! Next to Uncle Ernies. Tel: 264.497.3833.

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

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How to Apply for an Alien Landholding License on Anguilla

By Lisa Bass, of Summit Chambers, Anguilla

Anguilla has become one of the world’s premiere tourism destinations. The character and stability of the island has made it attractive for those persons interested in making a solid real estate investment in a place where they could comfortably build a holiday or retirement haven. Because of its attractiveness to persons of wide-ranging financial capabilities, Anguilla’s tourism landscape boasts a colourful menu of small picturesque villas as well as ultra-sophisticated resorts for the more discriminating traveller.

Due to the quality of accommodation available, the superior guest services and the beautiful beaches, there has been a run on owning real estate on the island. After selecting one’s property of choice and entering into a binding agreement with its’ registered proprietor, applying for an Alien Land Holding Licence is a necessary step for non-Anguillians who wish to own property in Anguilla. A summary of the process involved in applying for an Alien Land Holding Licence follows.



If a prospective purchaser wishes to acquire a plot of land in order to build residential premises or to develop a tourism project, it is necessary to get outline planning approval from the Physical Planning Department. After the drawings have been submitted to the Planning Department, the confirmation process may take about 3 weeks.

Whilst one is awaiting the outline planning approval, the Alien Land Holding Licence application form should be completed in duplicate and signed by the would-be purchasers. The supporting documents to the application should also be compiled, they include:

· A Bank reference letter
· A Police reference letter from all the territories of residence over the past 7 years
· Personal reference letter from a public figure who has known the purchaser for at least 7 years.
· Copy of passport details page
· Tax clearance forms from the Government of Anguilla for both the Vendor and Purchaser
· 4 Passport sized pictures of the purchaser

When outline planning approval has been granted, the application and supporting documents along with the Planning approval decision notice and a location map of the property may be submitted to the Lands and Survey Department. An application fee of EC$1000 is also payable to the Government of Anguilla at the time of submission of the documents.
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If the Licence is granted, stamp duty on the Licence (12.5% of the purchase price) and transfer tax (5% of the purchase price) are made payable to the Government of Anguilla. In some circumstances the stamp duty may be waived. However, the waiver is made under very specific circumstances to Caribbean Nationals who have been living on Anguilla for over seven (7) years. A deposit of 10% of the purchase price is also made payable to the Government of Anguilla if the property being purchased is a vacant lot. This deposit can be forfeited by a would-be proprietor if the construction of the home is not completed within the time prescribed. For a residential home, an 18 month time frame is usually designated, larger projects can apply for a long time period such as 24-30 months. Time begins to run from date of grant of the Licence.


If the prospective purchaser wishes to buy property to develop a tourism project, a business plan speaking comprehensively to the proposed development should also be submitted with the application.

If the prospective purchaser is a company, separate application forms should be completed by each of the Directors of the Company. The Company’s Certificate and Articles of incorporation, the Company By-laws and a Statement of Fact provided by the Companies’ Registry in Anguilla at a fee of US$150 must accompany the application.

Lisa M Bass is an Attorney-at-Law on Anguilla. She may be found at Summit Chambers, Caribbean Commercial Centre in The Valley at Telephone No: (264)497-5905; Fax No: (264) 497-3057 Email:
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Real Estate for sale on Anguilla

Planning a Party Event?

Conrad Connor at "JB Event Productions and Rentals & Family Fun" may have just what you need for rent. Classic Party Tents, Tables, Chairs and Chair covers plus Bouncy Castles for outdoors activities. Available every day.

All charges include trucking, setting up, taking down and a family Fun attendant at the event. A 50% deposit is required upon booking any of the family fun equipment. For tent, tables and chairs, cash customers are required to pay on delivery. Same day cancellations incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Call 264-235-3396 for pricing EMAIL: CONRADCONNOR@.CO.UK
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Enhancements at Spyglass Hill

Spyglass Hill is pleased to offer its new air-conditioned Entertainment Bedroom Suite featuring a bedroom/bath and a general lounge and entertainment area. The suite features a private bar with wine cooler and mini fridge, a premier maple billiards board and an electronic darts game. Annexed to the studio with stunning views of the bay, is a gym featuring an elliptical machine and a treadmill. This means that Spyglass now has 4 bedrooms. Also they now have solar-heating for the infinity-edge pool!
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Report: Tranquility Jazz Festival 2004

The second annual Tranquility Jazz Festival 2004 blew in to Anguilla with world class jazz musicians lighting up the weekend. The forecasted wet weekend did not materialize, which allowed the big name artists to perform to the best of their abilities and the audience to witness the whole affair under the stars…

The weekend kicked off early on Thursday with Cyrus Chestnut performing at Cuisinart Resort with a trio featuring the inimitable vocalist Carla Cook. The audience was thrilled with Cyrus’ breathtaking skills on the piano, while Miss Cook captivated the crowd with her silky smooth vocals.
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Friday night featured another world-class vocalist in Carmen Lundy (picture right), who headlined with her trio and featuring James Spaulding one of the jazz world's most renowned sidemen and session leaders on tenor saxophone. Frank “Ku-umba” Lacy however, stole the night with the Mingus Dynasty band that thrilled the small but enthusiastic audience with their upbeat brand of jazz.

The evening started in mellow fashion with Anguilla’s own Sprocka accompanied by St Lucia’s Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson (top picture) and Trini Michael Boothman. This was an acoustic alchemy type performance with all three artists playing their own brand of virtuoso Guitar.

Saturday night, which was billed as the Latin Explosion started off with the Anguilla Jazz Ensemble showcasing some original pieces, put together specifically for the festival. The AJE featured some of Anguilla’s best know musicians. Lennox Vanterpool on Piano, Dumpa Martin on Steel Pan, Sprocka Richardson on Guitar, accompanied by Paul Emanuel of St Maarten on upright Bass and Connis Vanterpool of saxophone.
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Then came the Latin all-stars. The ageing Ray Barretto (picture right) showed that he had lost none of his Latin edge and his band lit up the night with an array of Barretto classics… He was given a standing ovation for his masterful Congo playing. Airto Moreira and his BrazJazz band featuring his wife Flora Purim on vocals concluded the evening with the very best of Bossa nova and samba rhythms….the sweet music of Brazil.. The high light being a solo performance of voice manipulation and percussion by the versatile Airto, which garnered a standing ovation from the astounded audience.

Sunday afternoon, the finale of Tranquility Jazz Festival was a Beach party featuring the local and regional artists. It was an afternoon fun food and jazz and was enjoyed by one and all.

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One more photo: Frank Lacy and Craig Handy:

Story by James Connor. Photos by Fritz Photographics.
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Moving to Anguilla?

Rental house available to good long-term tenants. View over The Valley to Seafeathers in the distance (click picture to see the view larger) and toward Katouche Bay in the other direction. Large master bedroom with bath ensuite. Three more bedrooms that share a bath. Large living room and a kitchen with stove, fridge, sink, lots of counters. Office and laundry room. Fenced yard, quiet area. High ceilings with wood and beams (but concrete over for hurricane safety).

Location: Old Ta. Enquiries: or call 497-2757, 497-4181, 497-5704.
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Coastal Land!

Half acre lot on BlackGardens coast soon available for sale. Enquiries:
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New to Anguilla? Tips

New Restaurant: Emerald's Cuisine

Recently opened in the former Snapper's restaurant location in Long Bay. Emerald's Cuisine has live entertainment every Wednesday night from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. with Boss & Company. Below are the menus. All Prices are in US dollars. Tel: (264) 498-6200. Long Bay, Anguilla

Lunch and Take-out Menu:

SALADS: Garden Salad $5, Caesar Salad $5, With Chicken $6, With Shrimp $8.

ENTREES: Stew Chicken $8, Baked Chicken $8, Baked Ribs $10, Steamed Fish $10, Fried Fish $10, Chicken Pasta $11, Seafood/Shrimp Pasta $13.

SANDWICHES (Served with french fries): Hamburger $5, Cheeseburger $6, Chicken Burger $6.50 Fish Burger $7.50.

Dinner Menu

SALADS: Mixed Green Salad with a balsamic vinaigrette $6, Chicken Caesar Salad $8, Shrimp Caesar Salad $10.

Entrees: Stuffed Chicken Breast - Served with garlic mashed potatoes,Steamed vegetables and a mushroom cream sauce $12,
Oven Roasted Half of Chicken - With a choice of baked potato, French fries or rice $15,
Grilled New York Striploin Steak - Served with Garlic Mash potatoes and sauteed vegetables $28,
Panko Crusted Snapper in a lemon burre blanc sauce - Served with rice & steamed vegetable $20,
Grilled Fillet of Snapper in a Creole Sauce - Served with rice or mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables $20
Grilled Lobster in garlic butter or a ginger vinaigrette sauce - With a choice of mashed potatoes or rice $35,
Sauted Shrimp in a red curry sauce - Served with rice and sauteed vegetables $28,
Grilled Anguillian Crayfish in a ginger vinaigrette - Served with rice or a Caesar Salad $32.

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Children's Soccer League

The National Bank of Anguilla sponsored the Primary Schools football league for the 18th year in a row. The games played over the last five weeks, featured games between the Alwyn Allison, Road School, Teacher Gloria Omololu, Valley Primary, Stoney Ground, Island Harbour and Morris Vanterpool.

The season culminated this past weekend with the semi-finals and finals being played to huge enthusiastic crowds under the lights at Coronation Park. The girls and boys finals were both contested by Road School and Stoney Ground, with Road School coming out on top in both instances. The girls final was won in the final minute. The well coached Stoney Ground girls defense held the Road Schools star striker to no goals, but fell victim to a last minute loose ball.

The boys game was well contested, and was very even for most of the first half until Road schools ball control and accurate passing took over and the boys won 3-1. Suprising since Stoney Ground had won the match during the season.

Following the match, various dignitaries and government officials help hand out trophies and medals to the various teams and individuals. NBA's Pam Riley and her team put on a well organized and excellent tournament, and a good time was had by all involved.
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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Anguilla Forums:
Anguilla Forum
Carib On-line

Christmas Dinner at Ripples

As always, Ripples will be doing Christmas dinner on Christmas night, traditional with 3 courses and alternative main course for those who do not eat turkey, at $26 per person. Christmas Eve Santa will as always be at Ripples, giving presents to all the children who visit (regular menu). They will as usual have a 4 course dinner on Old Years Night at around $45.

Ripples has taken over the Barrel Stay and the new restaurant will open on Dec 14 with master chef Graham Belcher, who has worked at several Michelen star restaurants and hotels, with his partner Jill and also Jacquie.
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Friday, November 26, 2004

Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites.

Altamer New Years Eve Gala Menu

Friday, December 31, 2004. Five Course Prix Fixe $150.00 Per Person.

Course 1: Chef Leduc's Surprise.

Course 2: Celebration. Choose one: Beluga (Black) Russian Caviar, Served with blini pancake, onions, capers, sour cream and sieved egg yolks accompanied by chilled glass of Stolichnaya vodka. Canard Foie Gras "Island Style", Duck foie gras pâté garnished with mango jelee and home made ginger spice bread accompanied by a chilled glass of Sauternes.

Course 3: Starters. Choose one: Crayfish Bisque, Made from roasted Anguillian crayfish with a touch of hot pepper, cream optional. Heart of Romaine Caesar Salad: Crisp heart of romaine lettuce tossed with garlic Parmesan dressing and croutons topped with shaved cheese. Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters on the half shell baked with creamed spinach. Turban of Smoked Salmon: Thinly sliced smoked salmon wrapped around Boursin cream cheese with fruit garnish.

Course 4: Entrées. Choose one: Seafood Melange, Filleted sea bass, crayfish, sea scallops, shrimp, clams and mussels presented on a delicate passionfruit sauce with risotto and asparagus. Lobster Medallions Thermidor Style: Lobster meat is simmered in a sauce of mushrooms, cream and dry sherry, served with ratatouille risotto. Prime Rib Roast of Beef, Served off the bone medium rare Au Jus and Bearnaise sauce with potatoes Dauphine and crisp vegetable purse. Smoked Duck Breast: Chef Leduc's apple wood smoked duck garnished with spiced pineapple carpaccio served with wild rice, French green beans and asparagus. Vegetarian Purse: Petite ratatouille risotto baked in a crisp pastry purse served on a light tomato sauce laced with basil oil, with coconut dumplings, glazed carrots, French green beans and fennel.

Course 5: Dessert. Choose one: Chocolate Farewell To 2004, A chocolate creation of almond paste, two tone chocolate and raspberry coulies. Home-made ice creams and sorbets.

COMPLIMENTARY GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE AT MIDNIGHT. Entertainment: Piano: 6pm to 10pm - Dmitri Loutsiv Steel Pans and Vocals: 10pm to 1am - Michael "Dumpa" Martin. Subject to 15% service charge. Executive Chef: Maurice Leduc.
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Anguilla Restaurants:
All the restaurants and lots of menus.

New Years at CuisinArt

The Pirates' Ball: Ring in the new year at our First Annual Pirates’ Ball with live music, spectacular fireworks, popping champagne corks and tasty Caribbean Cuisine. Start your evening with a nipperkin of grog and a host of hors d’ oeuvres, followed by a veritable feast from our chef’s extensive repertoire. Dine on Rum Barrel Shrimp, island salads, rotisserie meats and grilled lobster, crayfish and seafood at stations set up throughout the resort. Dive into dessert treasures alongside the swimming pool and visit the beach bar for your favorite cocktail. Come in full pirate drag and enter our costume contest for a chestful of loot. Dance the night away with the Mussington Brothers Band and enjoy a midnight champagne toast and fireworks on the beach. Included in the $175 admission, $45 for children under 12, are your meals and welcome drink, pirate mask and cap, noisemaker for each table, fireworks, midnight champagne toast in your keepsake champagne flute. (Beverages and gratuity not included)
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Blanchard's New Year's Eve

December 31, 2004. Menu includes: Calypso Shrimp with Lime and Coconut, Caesar Salad with Roasted Red and Yellow Beets, Lobster and Asparagus Risotto with Handmade Parmesan Toasts, Roasted Mediterranean Veal with Potato-Shiitake Gratin and Blanchard’s Cinnamon Apples. Dessert: Mango and Berry Shortcake with Passion Fruit Cream. Champagne toast at midnight. 160.00 per person. Live music by Happy Hits String Band. Please note that a 15% service charge will be added. They accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.
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Anguillian Dog Story!

Here's a great story from "The Capitol Times", Madison, WI about a stray dog adopted here in Anguilla, it's trip to the states, and how American Airlines went "above and beyond" to make sure this dog made it: Stray ends up with royal treatment. JUST HOW a wonderfully friendly stray dog, Maggie, whose ancestors cavorted with Caribbean pirates, recently left O'Hare airport in the back seat of a limousine is a tale worth exploring....

If any of our reader's would like to adopt, they should visit
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Rumza: New Nightclub

The LA Cafe has been upgraded and reopened as the Rumza Nightclub. From The Anguillian: "It is something special about Anguilla when an American couple, making a lot of money at home, fall in love with the island, sell their investments and come to live, invest and work here. So is the case with Jason Howe and his wife, Robin. He was a Senior Executive Vice President of a software company who traveled around the world doing lucrative business and she was a physician with a skin care medical practice. She was a long time visitor to Anguilla. Two and a half years ago they were married at CuisinArt Resort and Spa and over that time decided to take up residence on the island."
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Prince Albert of Monaco in Anguilla

Anguilla this week welcomed to its shores His Serene Highness, Prince Albert of Monaco, a tiny enclave on the French Reviera. The Royal visitor, who was on a tour of the United States and the Dutch Caribbean, came to Anguilla at the invitation of Chief Minister the Hon. Osbourne Fleming. His visit here was part of a developing relationship between the two islands. Click link for full story in The Anguillian.
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Loblolly Gallery: Wine, Cheese and New Works!

Friday December 10, 4-7pm, on Crocus Bay Road. New art by Marge, Iris, Heather, Georgia and Paula. Click link for their web site.
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Spa Go Services

If you are in a villa this year, remember that Kirthly Richardson offers spa services at your villa, including Swedish relaxation massage, Deep Tissue massage, Aromatherapy, Sports massage, and personal training. tel: 264.497.6352. cel: 264.235.8005. email:
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Caribbean Christmas Cuisine At Cuisinart

This year Cuisinart is starting a new family tradition. The staff is bringing in their family recipes and using them as inspiration in holiday planning. Not only have the chefs brought in holiday recipes, but everyone has gotten in the spirit: dumpling recipes from the gardeners, goat recipes from the engineers, sweets from housekeeping and rum punches from the guys down at the beach. They hope you enjoy these updated recipes that will be on the Christmas Day Buffet.

Special Holiday Drinks: Coconut Martini, Sarsaparilla Rum Punch, Sweet and Sour Tamarind Drink.

Christmas Menu: Conchy Dumplings, Salt-fish Patties with Creole Sauce, Baby Back Ribs with Papaya, Mango Chili sauce, Triggerfish Salad with Scotch Bonnet Peppers< Parrotfish Croquettes, Corn Soup with Pig Tails, Stewed Goat with Potatoes and Allspice, Fresh Ham with Garden Herbs, Black Pepper and Local Salt, Island Fowl Stew, Root Vegetables and Bush Herbs, Rotisserie Beef with West Indian Spice Rub, Grilled Reef Fish, Braised Pigeon Peas with Organic Tomatoes, Sauteed Callaloo with Smoked Bacon, Baked Breadfruit, Green Rice with Okra, Cornmeal Fungi, Island Provisions, Johnny Cakes, Spicy Cornbread Muffins, Island Oven Breads.

Desserts: Christmas Black Cake, Island Citrus Pound Cake, English Fruit Cake with Rum, Sour Sop Ice Cream, Potato Pie, Bread pudding, Pineapple Compote.

(Menu subject to change with market and farm ingredients and Chef’s inspiration) Cocktails and Hors d’oeurves from 6-7. Dinner buffet 7-10. Adults $75. Children under 12 years $35.
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Submit an Anguilla News Tip

Piano Recital

You are cordially invited to attend a Grand Piano recital at St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Island Harbour, Saturday, November 27th, 2004 at 7:00pm. Mrs. Irina Kaufman-Brooks will perform a selection of classical pieces as well as Christmas carols for the whole family to enjoy. Admission is EC$40.00/US$15.00 for Adults and EC$5.00/US$2.00 for Children. Tickets will be available at the door.

Mrs. Irina Kaufman-Brooks began playing piano at the age of 5, and performed as a solo pianist at age 11. She has played in many recitals and has been featured in various chamber ensembles around the world as a Piano Soloist. Mrs. Kaufman-Brooks was an Associate Professor at the Russian Classical Musical Academy, and is currently the organist at St. Mary's Anglican Church in The Valley. Her dream for Anguilla is a development of the aesthetic appreciation for various forms of music within the community.
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Anguilla Villas:
Private villas for rent.

Johnno's Beach Clean Up

Participants in the "Johnno's Beach Clean Up" program were out in full force again this past weekend cleaning up Island Harbour beach and surrounding areas. Trash bags have been collected in the parking areas, by Smitty's and at the primary school. Program organizers have requested assistance from the AHTA to coordinate the collection of these trash bags and delivery to Corito Dump. Please contact the AHTA (preferably if you have a truck and available manpower) if you would be able to assist in the collection/delivery of the trash. - Mimi Gratton. Tel: (264) 497-2944
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Christmas Cards from Paradise

This year the Teacher Gloria Omololu International Institute is bringing you Christmas cheer and trying to raise money by selling student designed and drawn Christmas cards. Cards are $12.50 US a package of 10 (envelope included). They are also selling Thank You cards for $10 US. Cards are available at IGA, Passage Clothing, Bartletts, World Galleria, Rendezvous Bay Hotel, Paradise Cove Gift Shop and Why Knot clothing. Cards will also be available at the Teacher Gloria Omololu booth at the Soroptimist Christmas Fair on December 4th at the Govenors house. You can also contact the school directly at 497-5430 and ask for Teacher Marion

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Anguilla Beaches:
Over 30 Anguilla beaches.

Malliouhana Ranks Tops!

A story that Conde Nast Traveler published in the latest issue contains the Reader's Survey. Malliouhana scored the highest points in the history of the survey, with Anguilla as the 5th top destination in the Caribbean and Malliouhana as the top property in the Caribbean, due in part to the 100% mark awarded the restaurant. Malliouhana also scored 34th of the top 100 properties in the world.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

You're invited to the Office Christmas Party for the Whole Business Community.

The Chamber of Commerce invites the business community – from new and established enterprises – to network, to hear and sing Christmas carols, then round out the night with a DJ and continue enjoying an evening with lively Christmas music ranging from Classic – Soca - Reggae and more! When: Friday, December 10th from 6:30 pm. Where: Coral’s Restaurant in Meads Bay. What? "Carols at Corals". Refreshments will include traditional Guava berry or fruit punch, plus Coral’s will offer a cash bar – and selections that may be ordered from their new Mexican menu. RSVP: Call 497 2839 or email: Featuring Darby Dizard and Chris Cherney from New York ... accompanied by Russian Pianist Irina Kaufman Brooks.
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Anguilla Hotels:
All the resorts/hotels/inns.

Anguilla Yoga Retreat

Held at La Sirena Hotel. March 2 – 9, 2005. Taught by: Jeanne-Marie Derrick.

Join Jeanne-Marie for a yoga retreat on the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla. We will focus on the essential quality of asana practice, integrating the breath, to bring about a quality of quiet contemplation. Jeanne-Marie’s teaching method makes yoga accessible to all levels – beginner through advanced. With an emphasis on alignment, breath and mindfulness, yoga establishes a key support for well-being. The Iyengar Yoga method is characterized by precision alignment, refinement of the poses, self-reflection, and the aid of various props, all of which add to the overall understanding and sensitivity of a Hatha Yoga practice. $1,170.00 double occupancy for a seven night stay per person. $1,385.00 single occupancy for a seven night stay.

Plan to arrive on Wednesday 3/2 and leave on Wednesday 3/9. Initial class Thursday 3/3, 8-10 AM. Last class Tuesday 3/8, 4-6 PM. La Sirena web has photos: Phone 264-497-6827
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This Wednesday November 17th, THE PUMPHOUSE presents the 2004 BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU.

Get together with us to be among the first to try the new 2004 vintage from Bouchard Pere et Fils. We will also be offering special French cheese, pate and saucisson platters to accompany the Beaujolais Nouveau, and playing all your favorite French tunes from the last three decades. From 7pm. Reservations recommended! VIVE LE BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU !
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Sunday, November 14, 2004

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Auction: Bid for a Week in Anguilla!

The Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association is holding another of their exciting online auctions. You can bid on 7 nights at Brooklands (see view picture - they are located at the highest spot in Anguilla, overlooking Crocus Bay beach). And bids start at $300. There are 3 bedrooms, so that works out to $100 per couple, or $50 per person. Divided by 7, that would be $7.14 per night per person. Get in there and start bidding!
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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

Tropical Paradise Newsletter #2

Thierry Dehove has posted his second newsletter from Anguilla, including lots of pictures and stories, including a feature on kite-surfing in Anguilla.
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Altamer: November Newsletter

New African Sapphire villa opens: "An exotic entrance, the latest technology and private snorkeling pond with architectural waterfall, the African Sapphire villa has it all. You enter and see an amazing chandelier and floral base all made by African women with over a half million beads sur-rounded by chieftain chairs. Mirrors on both sides reflect the endless views seen through the 21 foot high windows."

Selections from their dinner menu, including "Exotic Nut Coated Grouper Fillet of grouper coated with crushed blend of macadamia, pistachio and pine nuts served with potato Dauphine and fresh vegetables $ 32."
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Build A Tropic Villa:

New Email for Mitch Lake at Tennis Academy

If you have been trying to email Mitch and not getting through, he is having trouble with his aol account. Please use his backup email address: - thanks!
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Monday, November 08, 2004

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Thank You Notes from School Children

On, the children of Alwyn Allison Primary School have posted thank you notes to the people who have donated reading books. They are very enthused about reading, so even more books would be welcome.
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