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[Click to enlarge] June 4th, 2001 was Whit Monday, a national holiday. As with most national holidays there was a boat race. This one was to occur at Mead's Bay. The official race was scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m. Around 1:00 pm the 12 boats lined up and sailed a practice run. Upon returning from their practice run many of the boats crews furiously made last minute adjustments, hoping to gain the edge needed to win the race.

At 3:00 pm the warning shot sounded indicating 10 minutes to the start of the race. Crew members dropped the plates of chicken & ribs they were enjoying and licking their fingers, ran to their boats.

With all the boats facing shore, the start gun went off. Crew members worked furiously to get anchors up and boats turned around. Side by side, the boats set off, each trying to find the best wind advantage.

The boats remained in a close pack as they headed off into the horizon and around Dog Island.

Spectators watched until the boats became mere specks against the horizon.

As the boats circled Dog Island and headed back to shore there was a distinct definition of leaders.

As the boats drew closer to shore, spectators began cheering and encouraging their favourites.

The race ended with some controversy. Apparently, shortly before the boats reached the shores of Mead's Bay two separate collisions occurred jeopardizing the chances of four of the boats.

The winner of the race was Satellite. Congratulations to Satellite and her crew.

Pictures and story by Neil and Aly Armstrong

 Revised: 2001/6/25

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