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The students of Stoney Ground Primary School produced a six-page newsletter for which they charge $1 EC. They did this to raise money. Editors note: photocopying charges here are about $0.50 EC per page. Here two of my favorite items from the last issue:

Anguillian Houses

Anguillian houses are very beautiful. They have beautiful gardens and nice bedrooms to sleep in so that you will feel like living in them forever. Some of the roofs are triangular and some of them are squared shaped. Most of them are coloured white but some are very colourful. Many people have big houses because they can afford it and because some of them are rich. Others have small cute homes which makes them very happy. By Leontes Richardson.

A Poem: Let's Go Shopping

Let's go shopping
Just down the street
We don't need a car
We've got our feet.
We need to buy some soap
Plus some meat
Not to forget,
A new toilet seat. By Julienne Richardson.  Revised: August 25, 1997

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