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Discover Anguilla and the Natural Stone Bridge

Where is the Natural Stone Brdige in Anguilla?
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"The only disappointment I had was not finding the natural stone bridge described in the book Discover Anguilla." Denise Irvine, recent visitor from New Zealand. [Click for larger view of natural bridge]

The book Discover Anguilla is by Caroline Ward and Clive Carty, 1988, Friedman Group, NY. It has the best photographs of Anguilla, taken by Derek Fell of Pennsylvania. They cover the people, natural attractions, architecture, land and sea life, even food, and include pictures of a natural stone bridge in Anguilla.

The bridge is not difficult to find--here are the secret directions. Follow the instructions for Jobsie Bay, park, put on shoes or hiking sandals, walk around the west edge of the bay, then west along the rocky coast for about 60 yards. (Here is another view.)

Olive Hodge at the Anguilla Drug Store (809-497-2738) takes credit cards over the telephone and will mail this book and others to you.

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