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Is there Beauty in Concrete?

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[Click for larger view] "Why are there so many abandoned construction projects on Anguilla? There aren't! Home ownership is widespread in Anguilla, unlike many other Caribbean islands. And people often build their own homes, slowly over time, as they save, with help from their friends and family. Those abandoned projects aren't abandoned, they are works in progress. Think of them as Anguillian bank accounts. North American suburbs also claim wide home ownership, but most of the homes are actually owned by the bank! Mortage-free homes are quite common in Anguilla.
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Look at the three building projects pictured here. One hasn't seen any progress in 3 years. One is being built by a man who works on it a little bit after work each day. And one is already occupied. These aren't blights on the landscape, these are tributes to sturdy middle-class values.

"Why are there pipes sticking up from the roof?" A common question. The answer is optimism. Since most people can only afford a one-story home, but plan to have a second floor somday, it only makes sense to leave the rebar and utility conduits sticking out of the roof, ready! And, eventually, it does happen, and the second floor is added to the first.
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Bunkers versus Cute bungalows. Next question is invariably, "Why are all new homes made of concrete block and why are there so few cute little wooden houses like they show on the postcards?" According to old-timers, Anguilla used to have lots of cute little wooden homes. Then along came Hurricane Donna in 1960 and knocked most of them down. That traumatic experience convinced an entire generation to try concrete instead of wood. Hurricane Luis proved the wisdom of the Anguillian approach. While other islands were still shell-shocked and homeless, Anguilla had cleaned up and was back in business.  Revised: September 28, 1997

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