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Should I Bring My Car With Me?

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Vehicles? Is one needed? Are there vehicles available for sale and are they reasonable or expensive? Should I bring a car with me? How about repairs and parts? (An email query from someone thinking of moving to Anguilla.)

Anguilla is spread out, so a car is very useful. Many people rent a car by the week or month while they decide on buying a new or used car. We brought a new Jeep Cherokee with us, and found a person to fix it, but once had to Fedex the car's computer back to Canada for a test! Easiest is to buy a car locally for which there are parts, service, etc. The Japanese often sell simpler models here than in the USA. One established car dealer is Anguilla Motors/Island Car Rentals with Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu. Their phone is 264-497-3723. We purchased a new little Hyundai locally from Apex (phone 264-497-2642) and it has worked better than our expensive Cherokee .

Many people bring a car with them and they manage. Shipping cars to Anguilla costs something like $1,200 and there is duty on the car and the shipping (going up to 40%) so cars are more expensive here.

Insurance is required for registration - slightly cheaper than I was used to, but with lower liability limits. You take your car to Public Works to be inspected before it is registered. Drive very defensively and wear your seat belt. Anguilla has goats on the road and some people who drive fast and pass on blind corners. You can get a driver's license at the Treasury in the The Valley. You just need photographs and a copy of your current license.  Revised: September 02, 1997

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