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[Click to enlarge] Take a tour of Anguilla's airport. The airport code for Wallblake Airport is AXA, and the terminal is located in The Valley, Anguilla's capital. The runway is 3600' long, but has a little more slope than airlines like. And, there are no refueling facilities, which means the planes must fly in with the fuel to fly out. As a result, some planes cannot land with a full load of passengers and baggage (bags are usually left behind in Puerto Rico before passengers!). Some web sites: FAA page for Wallblake, American Eagle care of AA, LIAT schedule page. For St Marteen: Air France and KLM.

Wallblake Airport in Pictures

Pull up to the one-way combination Arrival/Departure terminal in your rental car or taxi and unload your baggage. If you need a porter, there is usually one available who works for tips.
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If you are dropping off a rental car, most firms just ask that you leave it in the parking lot adjacent to the terminal.

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Flights are available to San Juan (Puerto Rico), St. Marteen, St. Thomas (USVI), Antigua (plus St. Kitts, Nevis, etc.), plus charters to St. Barts, Nevis, and more. There is a gift shop in the check-in area and another in the departure lounge.

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The "Last Flight" restaurant in the airport is a suprisingly good place to have breakfast or lunch or a snack. And prices are quite reasonable. Try the Scrambled Egg and Bacon sandwich on French bread for breakfast when they have it.

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The airport is one of the few places in Anguilla where you can sit and hear motors - aircraft engines, cars, fans, air conditioners - almost like being back in the city. When your flight is called, you need to pay the departure tax (US$10 for a flight to the US) and return your Immigration form (You did keep that form your filled out when you arrived, didn't you? if not, fill out another one.)

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The departure lounge has cable TV and a gift shop. American Eagle sometimes serves coffee and croissants while you wait. The arrival lounge is next door - with Immigration desks, baggage claim and customs all in a small area. Unless you live in Anguilla, you will need to complete an immigration form - they should give it to you on your flight, but if they don't pick, one up as soon as you enter the terminal. The line on the right is reserved for residents until it is empty, but there is no real hurry if you have baggage to claim.

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P.S. If you happen to be at the airport picking up a Fedex or airfreight parcel, this is the view as you stroll from the terminal over to the new Cargo Warehouse.
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