Anguilla News: October 1995

News reports from on the island, as they were posted to the Net:

Local HAM Honored

Dorothea Mann of Anguilla has received a HAM radio "Amateur of the Year" award from the "DXers Unlimited" program for public service in the wake of the severe weather that has befallen the Caribbean. If you are a Amateur Radio operator, her call sign is VP2EE.

Schools Back to Normal

The Education department reports that things have returned to relative normality in the schoolrooms in Anguilla, although there are still some classrooms that need repairs. Anguillans living in St. Martin and St. Thomas have applied for their children to attend school in Anguilla and the Education department is trying to be understanding.

Anguilla Needs Computers--You Can Help

Now there is an easy way to donate your surplus PCs (386, 486, ???) to Anguilla and get a tax deduction. Anguilla's teachers and children are eager to learn about computers and are very quick to learn. I know from watching visitors experiment on the computers in my lab. There was never a lot of money in the government's limited budget for computers for the schools, but in the wake of Hurricane Luis there will be even less.

Anguilla has been a spectacular success in tourism. To avoid ruining tourism by over-developing it, Anguilla is trying to diversify into offshore finance, software and other areas. For these businesses, Anguilla needs computer-literate workers. The schools have only a few computers for the over 700 students who want to use them. Last February I sponsored an instructor to teach Introduction to the PC to the primary school teachers. They were enthusiastic and immediately wanted to know when they could get more computer time and when they could get a computer for their pupils.

If you have any surplus PCs, read the Anguilla Computes page to see how easy it would be to donate them to the children of Anguilla.

Fiber-Optic Cable Link Goes Live

Cable and Wireless has activated the Eastern Caribbean Cable Link in Anguilla, which will give us much more reliable service than the existing microwave link through Saba. And much more transmission capability (perhaps for expanded use of the Internet?). The cable was in testing at the time of Luis and was put to use after the hurricane when the microwave link was unavailable.

Anguilla Goes After Internet Business

A local company, AIBS, has an advertisement in the Sept 28th issue of the Wall Street Journal (in the Internet section). They offer full Web site and data management from a zero-tax jurisdiction that is also a confidential data haven, with private merchant banking affiliation, order processing, corporate structures, and administration.

Anglec Nearing Half-Way Mark on Reconnects

Anglec announced that they are on track to complete reconnecting the entire island by the end of October. The arrival of a big shipment of transformers and connecting cables has been a big boost to the effort.

Tether Your Goats Or Else!

The Agriculture Department reports that there were a lot of crop and livestock losses on the island due to Luis (one farm lost 3000 laying hens). Farmers are replanting there crops but a lot of fencing is down. People are reminded to tether their goats and not let them roam and damage crops. Stray goats will be gathered up and impounded (?!?).

"Hurricane Luis" T-Shirts

Local Anguillian T-shirts reading "I survived Hurricane Luis" began appearing for sale this week. Other signs of recovery: Pizazz Restaurant in Sandy Ground has reopened and Fairplay Food Center is advertising on the radio for St. Martin's shoppers to come to Anguilla to buy those hard-to-find items (that is a switch).

Cap Juluca and Johnno's are the "Best"

I just received my Sept/Oct issue of Caribbean Travel and Life magazine. Their readers picked Cap Juluca as the Best Luxury Hotel/Resort in the Caribbean and Johnno's as the Best Bar/Nightclub. Anguilla tied with St. Barts for Best Island Cuisine. I visited both Johnno's and Cap Juluca this last weekend. Johnno's was completely back to normal. Cap Juluca still has a lot of landscaping re-work to do, but the buildings look fine. The beach is the oddest thing: the level has dropped down due to the storm, leaving some villas on the West end sitting on small cliffs. However, there are piles of sand on the beach, as if they plan to reshape it back into the original shape.

Cinammon Reef to Reopen November 1st

The Cinammon Reef resort on Little Harbour plans to re-open on November 1st, so give them a call at 809-497-2727 if you want a reservation.

Koal Keel Reopens

Koal Keel restaurant is advertising that is has reopened for business in The Valley.

Sailors on the Beach

HMS Southampton and HMS Oakleaf, which were here just after Luis to help with recovery efforts, returned to Anguilla this weekend for a 48-hour rest and recreation visit for the crews. Sandy Ground was covered in relaxing sailors and numerous "thank you" events were hosted for them. During their visit last month, the ships landed about 80 men a day to help with relief tasks. Southampton's helicoptor ferried essential supplies to lighthouse keepers on Sombrero Island. In total, some 3700 man-hours of work were achieved ashore by men from the two ships.

St. Martin Airport Opening to Anguilla Tourists Oct 15th

St. Maarten's airport is functioning, but it has not been open to full commercial traffic. Although Dutch St. Maarten is not planning to re-open for tourists until December 15th, they are opening the airport on October 15th. This will allow tourists to get to Anguilla, French St. Martin, Saba and Statia, all of which are served by the Dutch airport.

Allamanda Beach Club Is Ready for Guests

The Allamanda Beach Club is on Upper Shoal Bay. We lived there for 6 weeks last year and enjoyed it a lot. There is a nice pool and the beach is only a few steps away across the sand. Sam Mason, the Anguillian owner, has about 16 apartments, all with kitchens. I called yesterday at 809-497-5217 and they answered their phone: they are open.

Uncle Ernie's and Madeariman Reef Are Open

The beach joints have been rebuilt better than ever. Uncle Ernie's famous beach bar is open again, as is the Madeariman Reef restaurant need door. Last weekend saw Shoal Bay beach looking like pre-Luis for the first time: tourists and locals swimming and socializing. However, a lot of the trees are gone, so there is a lack of shade. If you have a beach umbrella, bring it with you.

First Computer Donated

Steve and Suzan Donahue came to vacation in Anguilla this week and brought a 386 computer with them to donate to the Anguilla Computes campaign. The Donahues are staying at Paradise Cove resort, which is next to Casablanca. Anguillian children pick up computer skills amazingly fast -- a 10-year old got to levels in Commander Keen that I had never seen. This was the first time he had ever touched a computer and his only training was 15 minutes watching his slightly older sister, who had only learned to use the computer the day before.

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