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Anguilla News

Panoramic views of Anguilla.... starting with Pimms Restaurant at the far end of Maundays Bay (Cap Juluca) and continuing with a look in the opposite direction, from the same spot. . . .

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 2005/04/03 - Click to enlarge pictures

Anguilla: the Ocean is Everywhere

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Shoal Bay:

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Uncle Ernies:

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Anguilla Daily Diary

Here is a day-by-day compendium of news items, as we gathered them - starting with the most recent.

March 7, 2005 to April 3, 2005

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Real Estate for sale on Anguilla

Soroptimmist Variety Concert

The Soroptimist Club of Anguilla invites you to "A Variety Concert to Remember", Sat April 9, 2005 at Stoney Ground Primary School, 7:30 pm. Admission US$10 or EC$27.
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Friday, April 01, 2005

Villas on Shoal Bay, Anguilla:
Villa La Vanda

Re/Max Anguilla

Here is the current contact information for Re/Max in Anguilla, in case you need some real estate:

Re/Max Anguilla
P.O. Box 1258 George Hill Landing
British West Indies

Tel: 1-264-497-3271
Fax: 1-264-497-8632

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Anguilla Forums:
Anguilla Forum
Carib On-line

Public Holidays 2005

Here are the public holidays for 2005, from the Chief Minister's Office (posted on the wall at Immigration).

New Years Day, 3 Jan
Good Friday, 25 Mar
Easter Monday, 28 Mar
Labour Day, 2 May
Whit Monday, 16 May
Anguilla Day, 30 May
Queen's Birthday, 13 June (tentative)
August Monday, 1 Aug
August Thursday, 4 Aug
Constitution Day, 5 Aug
Separation Day, 19 Dec
Christmas, 26 Dec
Boxing Day, 27 Dec
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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

New to Anguilla? Tips
"Anguilla Heats Up!"

Carol Bartholomew (Fletch’s Cove) spotted the article above aboutn Anguilla, now featured on MSNBC:
"Anguilla Heats Up! With endless beaches and some of the Caribbean's best hotels and restaurants, this laid-back enclave remains the height of island luxury. Richard Alleman hits the sands."
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

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Lydia Semeria

Here is an artist update. Lydia has moved her studio back to Sandy Ground (on the left side as you drive past the pond). Lydia has added many new art works to her gallery, including the ones shown here.

The first is called "Birds at Shoal Bay", the second is "Serenity", and the last is "Cat in the Callabash Tree". This gallery is definately worth a visit.

Cel: 772.7758 email:

Photos: Janine

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Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites.

Devonish Gallery Show

An exhibition of paintings by two celebrated Caribbean artists, twin brothers: Omawale Stuart of Barbados and Sundiata Stuart of Trinidad. Easter Monday March 28, 2-5pm, wine and cheese, Exhibit continues through April. Devonish Art Gallery. West End Road. 497-2949
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Build A Tropic Villa:

Rum Tasting Event!

Free PYRAT rum tasting at Shaken Not Stirred, Bedney's Plaza West End, open Mon - Sat 10am - 5:30 pm. Come sample Anguilla's rum!
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Monday, March 21, 2005

Savannah Gallery Web Site Moved to Pennsylvania!

When you go to you are redirected to Powell's Sanitation in Meadville, PA instead of the web page for Savannah Gallery on Crocus Hill, Anguilla.
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Friday, March 18, 2005

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Country in the Caribbean Fund Raiser

Everyone was amazed at the performers who came from Nashville to raise money for the Anguilla Tennis Academy and other youth programs in Anguilla. They really knew how to entertain the crowd, even those who had never listened to country before. And including local performers in the shows was an added bonus. Click here for 4 pages of photos of the event.

Thanks to these great musicians and song writers who came from so far:
Billy Ray Cyrus
Shannon Brown
Scotty Emerick
James Slater
Chuck Cannon / Bob Dipiero
Jeffrey Steele
Kylie Sackley
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Update: Callaloo Club

Gianfranco writes about this villa resort:
1) besides the Caribera, Ananke, Seasong villas, there is now also Sarasvati (8 rooms) and Pappagallo (9 rooms).
2) all above villas have air-conditioning
3) all villas have access to a small beach on the property
4) visit the web site which is kept updated with all info and rates concerning the villas.

Here is a summary of the 5 waterfront villas:

                 #bed    #bath   pool? 
 Caribera          8        8     yes      
 Ananke            2/3      2     no       
 Seasong           4/5      5     yes      
 Sarasvati         8        8     yes      
 Pappagallo        9        9     yes      

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Palm Garden Art Studio

Presents New Works by Local Artist/Interior Designer Michelle Owen-Vasilis. A series of oil painting capturing the Essence of the Caribbean. The studio features Michelle’s acrylic and watercolour paintings as well as murals and interior design services. Studio hours Mon-Fri 10:30~1 p.m. /Sat 10~12 p.m. Or call Michelle at 235-8492/497-5705 for an appointment.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005


According to an email from the AHTA, Temenos Anguilla (a St. Regis Retreat) invites all visitors to Anguilla to an Open House celebration from March 23rd – 25th, 2005. Guests of the island will be able to tour the new villa and golf course development and learn first hand about their Limited Luxury Ownership Opportunities now available with Exclusive Membership to Temenos Golf Club. Tourists are invited to drop by anytime between 10:00am and 5:00pm.
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Cycling Race Results

The Results are in from Dragon Boys Cycling Club first race of 2005 held on Sunday March 13th. The Time Trial Race held at 10 am was won by Rebels CC member Danny Laud followed closely by smooth pedalling Charles Bryan.

Danny Laud          Rebels Cycling Club      16m39s
Charles Bryan       Dragon Boys Cycling Club 16m42s
Timothy Richardson  Dragon Boys Cycling Club 16m46s
Ronnie Bryan        Dragon Boys Cycling Club 16m49s
Gordon Kennedy      Link Cycle Club          16m50s
Vinesh Narine       Link Cycle Club          16m51s
Andrew Reece        Link Cycle Club          17m10s
What's is notable about this is that Danny did this on his regular road bike while many of the first 5 finishers had time trial bikes. Notably, Ronnie Bryan made a minor error and missed his start time and lost some valueable time. Most of the riders had to contend with slippery roads and a light drizzle, so the conditions were less than optimal although the race did start relatively on time at about 10:10.

The afternoon road race started close to the scheduled start time at about 2:15, and started off at a fairly quick pace. Again the route was a loop from Blowing Point to the West End, then back to Blowing Point and 8 laps on the Highway.

The Race featured a lot of attacks from the Link Cycle Club trying to form a break but in the end Andrew Reece prevailed over Ronnie and Vinish, who both were reporting that they were cramping. Ronnie also had to overcome a wheel change due to several broken spokes on his racing wheels.

Andrew Reece    L.C.C 1 2hr 36min 13sec 
Ronnie Bryan    D.B.C.C 2 " "
Vinish Narine   L.C.C 3 " "
Gordon Kennedy  L.C.C 4 2hr 38min 48sec 
Timothy R'dson  D.B.C.C 5 " "
Charles Bryan   D.B.C.C 6 " "
Marlon Morrison L.C.C 7 2hr 44min 16sec 
One of the notable rides of the day and improvements over last year was Timothy Richardson, who rode to 3rd place in the Time Trial and a 5th place in the road race. It was great to see Timothy riding so well.

Big thanks to the Dragon Boys and the usual suspects who help out at races, such as Derek, Andy, Dwayne, Ozzie and many others who help keep the riders safe. Rebels Cycling Club is holding a Road Bike race on March 20th 2005 at 2pm. The route for the race is as follows:

Start on Jeremiah gumbs Highway near the Tamarind Tree and head west to the junction, and make a right onto Blowing Point Road, up to Connors Car Rental, turning left (west) and heading down to the dip in the road at the far West End (King Niah), make a U-turn and head back east. Continuing on to Connors Car Rental, turn right back on to Blowing Point Road and turn left back on to Jeremiah Gumbs Highway. The race will the proceed along the Highway up thru Little Harbour all the way up to the traffic light at George Hill Road, where you will take a left and head West thru George Hill and past the roundabout and down into Sandy Ground. In Sandy Ground you turn around at the junction that leads to the pier and head back up the hill, along George Hill Road thru Water Swamp, up to the stop light, where you will turn right back on to the Jeremiah Gumbs Highway and head thru Little Harbour. You will return to the West End using the same route as the first lap. Upon returning from the West End via the same route as before, you will turn at the white apartment building in Little Harbour (on the eastern side of the road), where you will turn around and head back down to the start/finish line and the count of four (4) laps will begin between the cross junction and the blue and white apartment building at Little Harbour. The race will finish after the fourth lap heading west on the JGH. This race is expected to be very fast as many riders from St Martin are reported to be heading over.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Spyglass Hill Villa Easter Special

7 night stay in your very own luxury private villa
7 days jeep rental
Welcome fruit and champagne welcome basket
First day's breakfast stock
6 days maid service
Weekly special rates in USD inclusive of tax and service:
1 couple - US$5,600, 2 couples – US$7,000, 3 couples – US$8,400. Valid for bookings ONLY between the period March 20 and April 15, 2005
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Monday, March 14, 2005

Submit an Anguilla News Tip

Wouldn't it be nice to be shoveling sand not snow?!

Last minute specials at Harbor Lights on the water - 1-264-497-4435 on site manager - 1-800-759-9870 from the US

Room #1 ocean front is available (due to cancellation) from April 7th to the 14th for a one week. Special 7 nights for $700.00 (normally $910.00)
Room #3 (ocean view) from April 5th to the 16th for $60.00 p/n
Room #4 (ocean front) from April 4th to the the 17th (2 weeks avail) for $90.00 p/n (regularly $120.00 p/n) book for the full 2 weeks and get 2 nights free!

*No availability until April 4th and Limited availability April vacation starting on the 16th.
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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Anguilla Beaches:
Over 30 Anguilla beaches.

Cycling Races!

Neil writes: Love us or hate us their are a lot of competitive Road cyclists on island and the upcoming racing season is going into full swing during the month of March. There are three main cycling teams on island, yes three, amazing for such a small island isn't it!! Dragon Boys Cycling Club, Rebel Cycling Club and a team made up of visiting Guyanese riders. Each team has between six to nine riders on them ranging in age from 18 to, ahem, let's just say in their 40s and leave it at that ok!

Rebel Cycling Club held a race in Sandy Ground three weeks ago, which consisted of 18 laps around the pond which helped kick off the season and got everyone thinking about training harder.

This Sunday March 13, 2005 the Dragon Boys based out of Blowing Point are holding two events, a Time Trial race at 10 am and a Road Race at 2pm. The Time Trial race is when individuals race a course alone, sent out 2 minutes apart and will start at the dip in the road in the West End near Cove Castles, will head up along the main road to Blowing Point Road, where the riders will turn right head down Blowing Point Road to Jerimiah Gumbs Highway and the riders will happily see the finish line at the Tamarind Tree. (This is a big tree at the first cross road on the highway which is about 500 metres from Blowing Point Road)

At 2 pm, there will be a road race approxiametely 100 km in length. The race will start at the Tamarind Tree on Jerimiah Gumbs Highway and head to the west end via Blowing Point Road. The riders will turn around at the dip in the road, (where the Time Trial started) then head back east back to Blowing Point and will do eight laps on Jeremiah Gumbs Highway. A lap consists of passing the tamarind tree and head east along the highway to where the concrete section is and turn around about 200 meters into the concrete section and then head back west to the very end of the highway at Blowing Point Road.

On Sunday March 20th, 2005, Rebel Cycling Club will be holding their second race on a course that is being finalized, but is rumoured to include Sandy Ground Hill, it's no Col du Tourmalet, but it still hurts nonetheless and it is always a site to see everyone shouting out encouragement to their favourite riders.

The Rebel Cycling Club is also holding a draw for a Trek 1000 Road Bike to raise funds for the club and to send some of it's best riders to some races like the Caribbean Championships. If interested in obtaining tickets, they are only $5 US each, please send an e-mail to for details on how to obtain tickets.

So if you love to watch boat racing why not stop out over the next two Sundays down at the tamarind tree on Jeremiah Gumbs highway. As usual for both events their will be drinks and BBQ and more than likely music, think of it as boat racing on land. See you on the roads!
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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Anguilla Villas:
Private villas for rent.

Wallblake House Silent Auction

Sat, March 12 - The Wallblake Preservation Board invites you to join us at their 7th annual silent auction. It begins at 6:00 pm in the Wallblake House, located next to St. Gerards Catholic Church in The Valley. All proceeds will benefit the restoration of this historic set of buildings. Many wonderful items have been donated such as: Romantic Dinners, Artwork, Spa Treatments, Get-a-ways, and much more. Lots of fun!
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Anguilla Restaurants:
All the restaurants and lots of menus.

Show Off Anguilla - 2005

April 7-9. Cultural tourism, showcasing the skills available on Anguilla, including participation by students from Albena-Lake Hodge high school. For more information, contact Bernie Fahie Richardson, 264-497-2416.
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Anguilla Hotels:
All the resorts/hotels/inns.

St. Patrick's Day Dinner and Dance

The Teacher Gloria Omololu International School is hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner and Dance on Thursday, March 17th at 7:00pm at Paradise Cove Resort. The All You Can Eat Buffet will feature several local selections as well as a few Irish favorites: Traditional Irish Potato Soup, Ham, Baked Chicken, Salads, CHAMP – (traditional Irish potato side dish), Stewed Goat, Steamed Cabbage, Medley of Vegetable dishes, Rice and Green Peas, Rolls and Bread, Selection of Desserts.

US$25.00 for Adults. US$12.50 for Children 10 years and under (ALL TGOI students US$12.50). Cash Bar (Irish Coffee will be available!) Poolside Music and Dancing. Live Entertainment by Boss and Friends. Prizes and Surprises. Wear Green for prize eligibility!!!! GREAT FUN FOR EVERYONE. Tickets available from: The Anguilla Drug Store, IGA Fairplay Food Center, The Galleria – West End, Tourism Offices, TGOI School. For more information please call 497-5430 or 497-2944.
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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

Anguilla on the Travel Channel

The AHTA suggests: Tune into the Travel Channel (channel 43 on Anguilla) tonight at 9:00pm Eastern (10:00pm Anguilla time) to the show Best Beaches in The World as part of the network’s Beach Week 2005. Anguilla gets the top nod as the BEST ALL AROUND Beach beating out nine other islands for the honour. To check out the complete TOP 10 list, click the link above. There will be a rebroadcast of the show on Thursday at 9:00pm (Anguilla time).
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Recommended Vacation Villas

Our villa on Shoal Bay beach: Bellamare.

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