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Bob Green's Anguilla News
News Diary


Tuesday, December 30, 2003

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Le Grands Vins de France Ltd

This shop carries a wide selection of French wines, with some wines from the USA, Italy and Australia. Also Armangac and Cognac. Located in the South Hill Plaza, which is near Anguilla Trading.

Tel: 264.497.6498. Fax: 264.497.6152. Cel: 264.235.6498. Email: and

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Jan 3: The Emerald Singers of Montserrat

The Emerald Singers of Montserrat will be performing in Anguilla on Saturday evening, January 3, 2004 at 7:30 pm. Their first performance in Anguilla will be at the Stoney Ground Primary School. The show is guaranteed to make the audience laugh, cry, cheer and stomp their feet. This touring group is a little over 30 years old and is recognised as the leading folk singing group in the region.

The Emerald Singers have toured extensively in Britain, the USA, South America and the Caribbean and has performed at music festivals all over the hemisphere. They have sung in all the leading hotels in the region including the Four Seasons Resort in Nevis and have performed on a wide number of cruise ships. Richard Aspin, the group’s leader, says “The Singers are excited about the opportunity to perform in Anguilla for we feel a strong affiliation with the Anguillian people. We have performed on many stages and in many locations, and welcome this opportunity to perform on the island of Anguilla where many of our members have relatives and friends.”

Tickets for the show are US$10.00 and are availed at All Island Cable and Joe’s Ice Cream, and will be available at the door.
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AHTA Auction #10

You can bid now on a 7 night stay in Bellavista villa (3 bd, pool, views). There is already one bid of $325 (with 3 couples that works out to about $15 per couple per night!!
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New: Christine's Art Gallery

Anguilla...home to a rich community of artists and galleries, welcomed another Art Gallery to her shores. Recently opened Christine's Art Gallery, located on the Blowing Point Road, showcases the work of Christine's husband Loic Madec.

Madec was born in France and lived in Tahiti where he began painting. Backed by formal art training, Loic travels widely to various places and experiences different cultures which provides food for his brush. He works with various mediums and often depicts dynamic scenes. He has exhibited all over the globe including Hong Kong, China, Europe and the United States.

Opening hours: 11am - 6pm daily EXCEPT Mondays. Tel./Fax 264-497-8107. Email:

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New Gallery Opens at Wallblake House

A new gallery opened last weekend in the historical Wallblake House (next door to the Catholic Church, near the airport).

Many artists were on hand, as well as Jo-Anne Mason who was signing copies of her new book, "Paddy The Goat", published by MacMillan.

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New Years at Sapphire Restaurant

Good view of fireworks on Anguilla and St. Maarten. All you can eat and drink for $60 pp. Dance the year away with music by "Front Line". 498-8000
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L'Indigo New Year's Eve Menu

Marinated fresh conch in olive oil, lemon and herbs. Crayfish salad with orange and vanilla dressing. Grilled filet of snapper, fresh asparagus topped with hollondaise sauce of gratin. Beef tournedos, mushrooms and foie gras in a crispy dough, black peppercorn or redwine source. Sauteed strawberries in a vanilla caramel served with champagne ad light whipped cream. $70 pp plus 15% service charge. One complimentary glass of champagne at midnight.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Bread from a Stone Oven

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I had the pleasure of seeing the workings of one of the Caribbean's dying traditions in the village of North Hill...baking bread in a stone oven.

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The stone oven is the predecessor of today's gas/electric oven, often cooking bread just as quickly (in 45 minutes to an hour) and definitely with more flavour. This stone oven is constructed of a thick layer of cement blocks and mortar on the exterior and bricks on the interior. The oven has a hole on the side which is lightly covered on the outside by some galvanized tin held up by sticks.

click to enlarge

Wood is placed in the oven and lit and allowed to burn for some time...usually a couple of hours. Then after the oven is hot enough, the burning coals are discarded of through the hole on the side. The cleaning effort is done with pointed sticks of different lengths, dipped in water just before and just after pushing the coal out.

click to enlarge

The oven needs to be clear of burning wood before the bread is put in or else this would lead to buring of the bread. The bread is placed in on flattened wood sticks, with the larger loaves set at the back, the part that retains the most heat. After the loaves are in, the front of the oven is shut with a piece of galvanized tin held up by pieces of wood on the exterior. An hour or so later, delicious loaves will make a treat for the baker's family and friends. (Not for sale commercially.)

Story and pictures by Janine Edwards.
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Monday, December 22, 2003

Major Support for Tennis Facility from NBA/CCB

The Caribbean Commerical Bank and the National Bank of Anguilla (locally owned) have pledged US$85,000 and US$75,000 respectively to the new facility of the Anguilla Tennis Academy. Click above for stories from The Daily Herald.
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Friday, December 19, 2003

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New Gallery
For Lynne Bernbaum

Lynne Bernbaum Art Studio has found a new and spacious location at George Hill Landing. The gallery is fresh and open and Lynne is showcasing her Domino paintings on large colorful canvases and in petite sepia tone watercolors.

Market and Umbrella series continue along with new works of French Gardens.

Open hours are 11:00 to 5:00, Monday through Saturday at 264-497-5211,, website:
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New URL for Travel Light

A firm that will rent you baby carriages, etc. while you are in Anguilla. New address is
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Hibernia Restaurant

The Hibernia web site has been updated with:
New Starters menu
New Main courses menu
New Dessert menu
Additions to their art gallery
New Years Eve special menu
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Cross Channel Express

Don Fleming (497-4295, 772-6893) and Michel Edwards (497-8016, 772-3381, 011-5995-5-22079) offer a St. Martin shopping service. Minimum charge US $25.
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Night Ferry to St Martin

From the Anguilla Forum: "The night ferry has been reinstated between Anguilla and St. Martin." The Hotel Association notes: The Government of Anguilla has negotiated with the French Authorities a reinstatement of the night ferry service between Anguilla and St. Martin. The new service will begin as of January 1st, 2004. Hours of operation will be as follows:

Depart Anguilla (Blowing Point Ferry Terminal) at 9:20PM
Depart St. Martin (Marigot Ferry Terminal) at 10:00PM.

Cost per passenger will be US$25.00 one way, tax included. Please note that the regular daytime ferry schedule remains unchanged. The Government and other Tourism Officials are pleased with this development, as it will address several opportunities: 1. Late connections for passengers traveling to Anguilla via St. Maarten. 2 Dining and other excursions for guests on Anguilla, St. Barths and St. Maarten/St. Martin. 3. Increased commuter service for locals.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Chamber of Commerce News

The Chamber has established a communications center where members and community leaders can meet and discuss business matters. They have also started a program to actually measure the needs of their business members. The Chamber in association with the ATHA is also conducting interviews of members to find out what matters most to them. The interviews will be conducted by KIim Strauginb and Wilma Vanterpool, guided by Melinda Goddard a customer satisfaction consultant who lives on Anguilla.
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New Years at Hibernia

Hibernia Restaurant has posted their "degustation menu" for New Years. It sounds great.
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Update: Pitch and Put Golf

Anguilla's new short course in Sandy Ground is getting better all the time. The artificial turf to finish the greens should arrive in Anguilla this week. The location and layout is great and this course has promise for the future. Still a bit rough so far with rocks and weeds, but already a fun lark for the family!

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Gossip and the Boys

Live music on Sundays again at Gwen's Reggae Grill on Shoal Bay (started last weekend).
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Overlook Happy Hour

I heard a rumor last night that the Thursday Happy Hour at Overlook includes dinner entrees at $11.50 - sounds great.
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Roadwell Cafe in Sandy Ground is now open for breakfast from 8am (closed Monday). And L'Indigo on Meads Bay has discontinued breakfast service (open for lunch and dinner).
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Monday, December 15, 2003

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Upgrades at Lloyds

The interior at Lloyds Guest House on Crocus Hill has undergone a transformation: new colors, beautiful new floor tiles, new mural on the wall, new furniture, and some refurbished rooms!

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Sunset Entertainment Hall

Review by Connor Armstrong

This past weekend my friends and I went to a movie and had some treats. Although this was not unusual, what was different is that we didn't have to take the ferry, a cab and stay at a hotel overnight in St. Martin just to see a movie. Instead we just had to go to the Rainbow Isle Center on the Long Path.

The new theatre was much better than I expected, in fact it was very cool! It has a snack bar with a popcorn machine, drink cooler, and a four drawer clear box filled with gums, chocolate bars, sweets and grain bars. It also had posters up for upcoming movies such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Seabiscuit, Freaky Friday and Rugrats Go Wild.

Inside the theatre room there were lots of clean blue velvet covered seats, a nice sized theater screen and a blue carpet. It also had a nicely placed air conditioner that didn't blow directly on you and left the room not too hot and not too cold, like it sometimes was in St. Martin.

Although I was treated, I think that the price was reasonable and won't strain my allowance in the future as it was only $3 US for kids and $6 US for adults. All in all my friends and I are really happy to have a movie theatre to go to on island.

Two thumbs up!!
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Dinner Recommendation: E's Oven

Last night, five of us had dinner at E's Oven in South Hill. We called ahead and reserved a table on the porch (nice breeze and views of the garden). Everything was extremely tasty, beautifully presented and reasonably priced, including our entrees (Half-Backed Chicken, Pan-seared Yellow Tail and Seafood pasta. We split two desserts among the five of us: Mango Lemon Mouse and Rasberry Swirl Cheese cake. We can recommend all the items we tried!
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Christmas Lights

The lights have been lit on Coronation Blvd in The Valley - even better than last year.
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Christmas Cheer at the Governor's House

The Governor Peter Johnstone and his wife Diane hosted an unusual cocktail party last weekend. In order to attend, you needed to bring a wrapped children's gift with you, marked as to suitable sex and age. The gifts will be distributed to children in Anguilla for Christmas.

Picture to the right are the Governor and his wife, and below are party guests.

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Art Festival Raffle

Preparations continue for the 4th international art festival in Anguilla, which will be Dec 1-8, 2004 (next year). To raise funds for the festival, there is a raffle of a trip for two to Anguilla (air, hotel, meals, and gifts!). Tickets are only $20US. The drawing will be on April 19, 2004, so get your tickets now. Tel: 264.497.2949 or email
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Friday, December 12, 2003

Overlook Website

Deon's web site has the menus too!
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New Art Galllery Opening

The Wallblake Plantation House Gallery is opening December 20th with a gala celebration and book signing. Everyone on the island is welcome to attend. Refreshments wil be served from 3:00-7:00. The art gallery will also conduct tours of Wallblake house and grounds. Open daily except Sunday. (info via AnguillaGuide)
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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Horseback Riding!

We went riding with Tonia yesterday and it was great. Especially taking the horses out in the ocean! Who knew there were so many rural areas in Anguilla.

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Grand Opening: Fran's Ice Cream

Fran's Ice Cream Parlour, Blowing Point. Saturday 13 December, 2003. From 12 noon to 5:00pm. There will be lots of free gifts, free rides for kids, special discounts. Tel. 772-0210.
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Gossip and the Boys Are Back

One of our favorite bands is back at Gwen's this Sunday on Shoal Bay beach. Last year they started playing between 3pm and 4pm.
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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Radio Anguilla Daily News

Radio Anguilla is now posting news items on the internet daily. For example, today they report about an injury to Anguillian Cricket standout Omari Banks.
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Moonsplash: April 1-4

From the Anguilla Forum: "As passed on by an Anguillian connection (many thanks to the person who did some on-site research, and they know who they are), and confirmed in an e-mail received from the Anguillian Tourist Board , the dates for Moonsplash, 2004 are April 1-4. "
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We have updated our hotel directory with current prices, phone numbers, email addresses and removed dead web links. Next,we will be adding a couple of places that we overlooked and adding what on-line hotel reviews we can find.
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Pictures from the Soroptomist Christmas Fair

The fair was held last Saturday on the grounds of the Governor's residence in Old Ta.

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Santa at Ripples.

Santa Claus is coming to Sandy Ground. As always, he will be in *Ripples* between 5:30 and 7pm on Wednesday Dec 24, 2003. All children will get a free photo and a gift from Santa. If you pull his beard gently, he will say "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Don't be late.
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Monday, December 08, 2003

Main News Page Updated

The main news for December has been updated with a fun puzzle to test your knowledge of Anguilla. It would have been posted yesterday, but there were problems yesterday with some of the computer servers that we use.
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Jimmy Cliff to Perform

December 20, 2003 at Landsome Bowl, hear Jimmy Cliff in concert!
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Dolphin Birthday Party

On December 31 Dolphin Fantaseas will celebrate the first birthday of Cobi, the dolphin at Corals Restaurant (2-4pm. Soft drinks and hors d'oeuvres are on the house and there will be a cash bar for alcoholic beverages). Corals barbecue dinner will be US$7 pp. Tel. 264-497-7946. Email:
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Oceans Two Boat Charter Service (PDF)

For charters, island hopping, day trips and fishing check Ocean's Two. Click the link above for their brochure in PDF format.
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Fruity Web

Fruity Web of Welches has opened another outlet on the mainroad in The Quarter. Available: cocounts, pineapples, ground provsions, bananas, plantain, grapefruit, avocado, golden apple, limes, oranges and more. Open 8am - 7pm daily. Ask for Julian. Cel. 264-235-4204.
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Blanchards New Years Menu

Some items from this year's special menu: Crusty Garlic Shrimp, Grilled Local Crayfish with Creamy Potato and Goat Cheese Gratin, and more. Live music by the Happy Hits.
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Altamer Opens Villa Two

Altamer Resort announces the official Grand Opening of Villa Two on Friday, December 19, 2003. Villa 2 is designed for entertaining and relaxation; it is a 13,000 square foot villa located on the beach at Shoal Bay West, with 5 bedrooms each with an en-suite bathroom and two additional powder rooms for a total of 7 bathrooms. The living and dining space is ideal for a group of friends, a family gathering or entertaining your business associates... dining table for 14 to the grand piano ... an 18’ x 45’ pool and an outdoor Jacuzzi for 12 people ... entertainment floor with home theatre, views to the Caribbean Sea as well overlooking the open area of the living and dining areas and a full bar, a hand made stainless steel Blatt billiard table and a custom stainless steel and Brazilian wood gaming table.

The Master Bedroom has all the finest amenities. The en-suite bathroom surrounds you with carefully selected Travertine marble placed in this architecturally exciting bathroom with rising ceilings. As you immerse yourself in the Jacuzzi for two you can watch television, listen to music, enjoy the walk-in Shower also designed to accommodate a couple. The skylights create natural lighting and stargazing from the Jacuzzi. Plus four guestrooms with additional walk in closets as well as a self contained gym featuring all the newest equipment.

Stereo system throughout the villa on 23 speakers throughout 7 regions with a CD library with thousands of titles. You can listen to Island Music or your favorite song in the Entertainment Area while your travel companion is enjoying jazz poolside. The villa interiors are highlighted by pieces of art and sculpture from Brazil in addition to the specially designed Italian linens, Murano glassware and silverware. The villa has its own dedicated lighted tennis court with basket-ball hoop for those looking for some outdoor exercise to break up the day.
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spyglass hill

Tours of Spyglass Hill Villa

Spyglass Hill, a brand new luxury 3 bedroom private villa with pool with stunning views of the bay welcomes requests for appointments for villa tours during your next visit to Anguilla (once the villa is vacant).
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Friday, December 05, 2003

New Location: World Art and Antiques

World Art & Antiques Gallery announces the opening of its new Galleria location at West End & Cove Roads, opposite the Shell Gas Station. This new additional location, opening the third week in December, will feature furnishings and accessories for living environments, including living and dining areas, bedrooms and other rooms in the home or office. The shop will also feature World Art & Antiques' other signature inventory such as antiquities, handicrafts, exotic jewelry, textiles and unique gift items.

The Gallery's other locations will remain open as usual. The Valley is open from 9:30AM to 4PM, and Cap Juluca Hotel from 8:30AM to 8:30PM. The owners, Nik & Christi Douglas, invite everyone to please stop by and visit.
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Web site: Easy Corner Villas

Location in South Hill, Easy Corner Villas offers apartments of from studios to 3 bedrooms with views of Sandy Ground.
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Dec 13: Christmas Tree Lighting

The lighting of the fifty mahogany trees and main tamarind tree on Coronation Ave is scheduled for December 13, 2003.
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Ocean Terrasse Restaurant, Frangipani Hotel

The restaurant at Frangipani on Meads Bay has reopened for dinner with chef Didier Le Berre. Didier is classically French trained, has won awards, and has made several television guest appearances and international food show presentations throughout Europe.

A few items from their extensive menu include: Mussels, Creole Style $15; King Fish Loin $25; Thai Seafood Pasta $28; Rack of Lamb $32. Lunch (noon-2:30pm) with a view of Meads Bay Beach is served on a big casual veranda called Ocean Terrasse. Cocktail hour (4-6) offers two drinks for the price of one. Dinner (6:30-9:30) offers a choice of the airconditioned dining room or the outdoor terrace. New this year is a kids menu. Tel: 264-497-6442.
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Book Signing Dec 20: "Paddy the Goat"

Janine Edwards writes: "It was such a pleasure to read the new Anguilla book "Paddy the Goat that Saved Rainbow Island" to my 4 year old son. The visuals are so refreshing and the storyline is great. Kyiv loves the book and wants me to read it all the time. It'll make a great Christmas gift or souvenir for kids of all ages and friends of Anguilla in general."

Paddy the Goat that Saved Rainbow Island is a colorful children's book published by Macmillan Caribbean and written and illustrated by Jo-Anne Mason of Island Harbour, Anguilla. The story centers on a special goat that with the help of his friends saves the island from a hurricane. Anguilla, often referred to as Rainbow City is usually such as gentle, quiet place that when a hurricane comes it often takes folks by complete surprise. Paddy the goat symbolizes the strength of the people of the island as they endure and overcome the ravages of the fierce storms that sometimes visit us. This delightful tale will entertain children of all ages.

Loblolly Gallery located at Wallblake House in The Valley will host Jo-Anne Mason and Paddy the Goat in a book signing and opening gallery party on December 20, 2003. Everyone is invited. Please come and bring your kids!

The book is also available at Something Special in West End, Bartlett's on the Sandy Ground Roundabout, CuisinArt Resort and the Anguilla Drug Store in The Valley. All books sold on the island are signed by the author but stop by her studio in Island Harbour for a special dedication. You can also buy Paddy on-line from his website: or you can find him on, just type in Paddy the Goat. The books are $18.00US
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ACOCI Opens its Business Communication Center

The Anguilla Chamber of Commerce officially opened its Business Communication Center on Friday November 28, spearheaded by the Board of Directors and Executive Director Calvin Bartlett and supported by the Public Sector and a volunteer private sector team. The audience was also treated to a prelude of the exhibition of FACES OF ANGUILLA. The ACOCI always welcomes suggestions and support from the general public and private sector. Feel free to email ideas to
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Passage Anguilla

Beth Barry, of Anguillian parentage relocated to Anguilla and created the concept of the boutique “Passage Anguilla”. Beth teams up with some tailors she met in Senegal during her stint there as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Passage Anguilla recently opened with its main outlet located in the South Hill Plaza. The boutique offers an original line of cotton products. Passage works with West African textiles and production expertise to create hand-made clothing, bed linens, table linens, bags, home furnishings and accessories.
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Many of their products are hand-dyed and sewn locally. They offer both ready-made and custom sewing. You can bring your own fabric or choose from the selection they offer. The workshop is annexed to the boutique so you can have a glimpse of the tailors at work.

Open Monday – Saturday: 10am – 4pm or call for an off-hour appointment. Email: Tel. 264-497-8982
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Temenos Anguilla…A St. Regis Retreat

A large cross-section of the Government and private sectors, the media and the general public turned out in support of the recent Ground Breaking Ceremony of Temenos Anguilla. The 286-acre property will feature almost a mile of oceanfront beaches, 20 Estate Homes and 16 Oceanfront villas, serviced by a 97-room ultra-luxe hotel and spa and Anguilla’s first championship golf course. The Temenos Golf Course is scheduled to open in 2005 and the retreat is carded for an opening in 2006. The 7,200 yard championship golf course will feature breathtaking water views from each hole and will integrate the natural terrain of Anguilla to create a beautiful and challenging course for players of all levels.

click to enlarge click to enlarge

The panel of speakers included Mr. Robert Sillerman, Chairman and CEO of Sillerman Companies and Partner of Flag Luxury and also Golf Course Designer Mr. Greg Norman of Great White Shark Properties (pictured above). For more information call 264-498-7000; Fax 264-497-3309 or Email
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Thursday, December 04, 2003

Carol Singing Evening at Arawak Beach Inn

Arawak Beach Inn at Island Harbour will be having their 4th Annual Carol Singing Evening at 6.30pm on Saturday December 21st. There will be the customary live musical accompliment, with complimentary pizza snacks and fruit punch. There is no charge, but a voluntary collection for amenities at Island Harbour Primary school will be taken. All are welcome for this relaxed, joyful and fun celebration of the Christmas Spirit. The bar is open for those who wish to purchase drinks other than the fruit punch. Please call Maria at the Inn if you need more information. email: tel: 1.264.497.4888
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Harbor Lights is offering discounts for December and January!

Book now through December 24th and get your waterfront unit overlooking charming Island Harbor for only $80.00 per night. Ocean view starting at $60.00 per night January 5th to January 25th an ocean front is only $85.00 and ocean view $75.00 We still have space in February, but it is getting busy, so book now for your true Caribbean experience! Web site.
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Devonish Gallery and Something Special

Exhibition and Christmas Open House. Saturday, 13 December 2003 5:30 to 8:00 PM. Show of quilts by Carol Richardson. All Ceramic Work 15% Sale. Christmas specials (15% off) at Something Special gift shop. Refreshments.
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L'Indigo Restaurant

There’s now another charming addition to the stretch of restaurants on Meads Bay. Executive Chef Sebastien Altazin (former French Chef at Malliouhana Hotel) and his wife Julie have converted the former CocoPlums Restaurant into a refreshingly culinary spot right on the beach. Sebastien wanted to express his culinary creativity at his very own place. Julie is the very charming Hostess.

There are a few interesting and innovative dishes like various Entrée Salad dishes available at lunch (superb Lobster Salad!) and thin crusted pizza – Italian-style. Breakfast and lunch are eclectic and casual and Dinner is mainly French.
click to enlarge
Openings hours: Everyday except Wednesdays. Breakfast: 7:30 am to 10:30 am Lunch: 12pm to 3pm; Dinner: 7pm to 10pm. The restaurant is open throughout the afternoon for cocktails, homemade ice cream and sorbets. They host a two-for-one Happy Hour is on from 5pm to 7pm. Magical sunsets. Tel. 264-497-1208.

Their web site has the current menus:
click to enlarge
breakfast menu
lunch menu
dinner menu
dessert menu
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Fund-Raising Christmas Cards

Teacher Gloria Omololu is offering Christmas and Thank You cards to raise funds for the school. The cards were selected from the students artwork.

You can pre-order these cards which are $12.50 for 10 Christmas cards, and $10 US for 10 Thank You cards, by contacting KPMG at 264-497-5500 or 264-497-3400. The cards will be available on December 13.

click to enlarge click to enlarge
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Lynne Bernbaum Open House

Artist Lynne Bernbaum is celebrating the new location of her art studio at George Hill Landing, Friday December 12, 2003. 5-7pm (across from the Anguilla Vision Center). rsvp 497-5211 or
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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

St. Regis to Operate Hotel at New Golf Course

An article in The Anguillian newspaper.
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Boat Race, Sunday Nov 30

There was a boat race at Sandy Ground last Sunday, one which had been delayed from an earlier date due to bad weather. Blue Bird appeared to be the winner by a large lead.
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Barrel Stay Re-Opens

Barrel Stay Beach Bar & Restaurant has re-opened for the season. They are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Their most famous dish is Anguillian Fish Soup - quite tasty. Sandy Ground. 264-497-2831
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Monday, December 01, 2003

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Garve Beckham Watercolor Workshop Receives Rave Reviews

Garve Beckham, Oregon watercolorist and teacher, was in Anguilla teaching a watercolor workshop November 3-­7. The seven students who came with Garve from the United States were treated to luxury at Villa Romeo on Sea Rocks. Two additional students from Anguilla joined the group.

The classes were conducted on-location throughout Anguilla. On the first day, Garve covered the basics of color mixing, brush techniques, and elements of perspective. He also covered the various techniques to be applied to creating the dynamic Caribbean sky, the luscious and varied turquoise shades of the sea, the soft, pink-hued sand and the gentle wave of the palm trees.

Garve values the unique charm of Anguilla and the small details in structures which so often go unnoticed by the casual observer but which create the element of interest in the scenes he captures.

The reviews from his students:

"We had great weather, a wonderful and compatible group of painters, a good and cheerful instructor, a view that was to die for, good food wherever we ate it, and most of all, memories that will last a lifetime."

"The best parts of the workshop were the artistic approach, every single demonstration and the whole "en plein air" [outdoor] experience. Garve Beckham and the group dynamics were a highlight."

"These sorts of things take a particular kind of person to pull it off well. I think [Garve has] what it takes to do it."

"Highlights of the week: A) The chance to paint in a beautiful place with an excellent instructor, where the logistical kinks were worked out. It was a trip of a lifetime, like a dream come true. I was pinching myself all week. B) The villa was perfect. It had ample room for sleeping, eating, painting, and critiquing. People could gather in any number of places and not feel cramped. The ocean view and grounds were so beautiful that it was possible to paint right there even in bad weather. C) It was nice to have the workshop price include much of the expense."

"I was sincerely honored to be included in the classes, and as far fetched as it may sound, I will make something out of all the beautiful teachings, it just may take some time before I can show it to anybody. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to Garve, Marilyn and Bethany."

Garve will be returning to Anguilla next November to teach a workshop for the Anguilla Arts Festival. He can be contacted at
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Soroptimist Christmas Fair has something for everyone

The annual Christmas Fair organized by the Soroptimist Club of Anguilla takes place on December 6 in the grounds of Government House. The Fair is always a fun time for children and adults and provides a good start to the Christmas season where you can buy your gifts for all the family.

On sale will be lots craft, art, Christmas cards, plants, cookies, books and much more. Food and drink are on sale including barbecue chicken, lunch, hot dogs, cakes, and teas.

There will be games and fun for the children and adults, including lucky dip, tombola, fortune teller and lots of games from the Optimist Club. Santa has promised to visit, and children can talk to him and have their photo taken. The Anguilla Beautification Club will have a variety of plants, the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation and the Archaeological and Historical Society also have stalls.

This year there is a raffle for a 27 inch television set donated by Cap Juluca, with the second prize of a power drill and third prize a shopping spree for $200.00 sponsored by Fair Play Food Centre. Tickets are available from all members or on the day of the Fair.

Bring the whole family for an afternoon of fun which starts at 12 noon and continues until 5.30 p.m.
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Dora Richardson

A Word About A Great Anguillian Mother

Denrick Richardson of Edmonton, Canada writes:

We would like to introduce a great woman to you. This picture shows Dora Richardson of Roaches Hill. Many people do not know her, but she has the distinction of being the mother of six, a grand mother to many, and a great grand mother to several children. She is particularly distinguished because of her hard work as a housewife and mother; she ensured that her children achieved, and obtained skills to influence the fields of Education and Health in a remarkable fashion.

Today at the age of 92, she still encourages her children’s children to excellence. Most recently, Dora traveled to St. Kitts to witness the acceptance of her granddaughter, to the Bar. Dora also has a grandson who is completing a medical degree at the Harvard Medical School. Everyone on the Island should be acquainted with the recognition that one of her children has brought to Anguilla as being the first Anguillian professor at the University of the West Indies in Cave Hill Barbados. It is with great fondness that we recognize Dora Richardson a great educator and nurturer.
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Irie Sundown Reggae Jam

Get the season started with our Grand Opening Party on Sandy Island, Anguilla Saturday, December 6th, music from 12:00 till sundown.....with the REGGAE GROOVERS. KING GOSSIP & THE BOYS.
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AHTA Auction: Frangipani

Here is a great online auction item: 5 night stay at Frangipani Beach Club on Meads Bay. Bids start at $300, but there is already a bid of $325. Proceeds support the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association.
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